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Who is eligible to participate in Special Olympics?

Any athlete ages 8 and older with an intellectual disability or closely related developmental disability is eligible to join the Rochester Flyers.

What towns/cities do the Rochester Flyers serve?

Any eligible athlete is welcome to join the Flyers, as long as they can find transportation to the practices.  We currently have athletes from Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Olmsted, Wabasha, and Winona counties.

Do I have to compete at Area and State Games?

No.  Competitions are optional.  We have athletes in every sport who choose not to compete at Area or State Games.   However, if the athlete joins a team sport (poly hockey, basketball, flag football), it is expected he/she will participate as part of the team in all competitions.

Who do I contact if I miss practice?

Please contact your head coach if you are going to miss a practice.

What is Area Games?

Area games include other teams from Area 10 (Southeast Minnesota) and are typically held in Rochester or Austin areas.  Area participation is required for advancement to state games.  Ribbons are awarded to participants.

Can I skip Area Games and still go to State Games?

No, Athletes who wish to participate in the State competition must compete in that same event in the Area competition.  There are no exceptions to this SOMN rule.

How do I sign up for sports?

Rochester Flyer athletes will register for sports using our online system, or by emailing specialolympicsrochester@gmail.com.  Enrollment will be on a first-come first-served basis until the team is full.  For existing team sports, preference will be given to existing team members, and new athletes will be placed on a waiting list until openings are identified by the head coach.

What is the weather policy?

Rochester Flyers is concerned with athlete safety.  For winter sports, if the Rochester School system is closed, practice will be cancelled.  If road conditions deteriorate after school as closed, practice will be cancelled.  If you are unsure, talk to your head coach.  For summer & outdoor sports:  if it is raining heavily and/or thunder and lightning then practice will be cancelled.  If the heat index is forecast to be greater than 95F and/or the temperature reading is greater than 90F at the time of practice, the practice will be OPTIONAL (no penalty for not attending), or cancelled, at the discretion of the head coach.

How long is the athlete medical good for?

SOMN medical forms are good 3 years from date of physician signature on the medical page.

Can I practice even if my medical is expired?

No.  SOMN requires all athletes have a current medical on file before participation in any practice or competition.

What is the mailing address for the Rochester Flyers?

Rochester Flyers Special Olympics Team
c/o 711 22nd Street NE
Kasson, MN 55944

I’m an athlete, and I want to be a coach or volunteer. What do I do?

Athletes who want to be a coach or volunteer must complete the Athletes as Leaders program for “Athletes as a Coach”  or “Athletes as a Volunteer”.  See the ALPS page for more information.

Who is the Special Olympics Minnesota contact for the Rochester Flyers?

Emily Dierberger
Sports Program Manager – Areas  8, 9 & 10

Special Olympics Minnesota
100 Washington Ave. S., Suite 550
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel.: 800.783.7732, ext. 286
Tel.: 612.604.1286 (direct)

What is the Rochester Flyers policy on hotels for competitions?

Even though several state competitions are held over multiple days, the Flyers do not provide any compensation for overnight hotels for competitions.  Daily transportation is provided for all athletes for all competitions.  Optional hotel/housing for overnight stays is the responsibility of each athlete.

How much does it cost to participate in a sport?

Each athlete is asked to pay a $20 participation fee for each sport in which they choose to participate.  This money helps offset the cost of uniforms, practice space rental costs, equipment, transportation, and State Competition fees.  For those experiencing financial hardship, the Rolf Axelson Memorial Scholarship has been established.  Please email specialolympicsrochester@gmail.com to apply for this scholarship.

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