Athletes as Leaders (ALPs)

What is ALPs?

ALPs stands for Athlete Leadership Programs. Special Olympics defines ALPs as:

Athletes as Leaders

  1. Allowing athletes to choose how and in what role they participate in Special Olympics, such as athlete, coach, volunteer and/or leader.
  2. Encouraging athletes to take meaningful positions of influence and leadership throughout the organization to help determine policy and set direction.
  3. Providing additional training for athletes as they develop their leadership skills in new roles.
  4. Allowing athletes to explore opportunities for participation in roles previously considered “non-traditional.” Through ALPs, athletes are trained to serve as public speakers, assist coaches, volunteers and gain knowledge about the responsibilities of becoming an effective board or committee member.


One of the key things to remember when considering getting involved with ALPs is that each athlete needs a mentor as a partner who can attend the ALPs training session. Mentors can be a friend, teacher, co-worker, coach or family member who would work with the athlete during and after the training to ensure that the skills learned are implemented.  Athletes are required to provide their own mentor to participate in ALPS

Learn more about mentoring.

Current Rochester Flyers ALPs

Aimee Anwiler-Global Messenger
Erikka Gierre- Global Messenger

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